Studio A

Studio A is the largest set and offers many diverse options. From the white cyclorama to the black sweep wall, and from the claw foot bathtub to the outdoor wooden fence, you will not run short of concepts that you can shoot during your visit.Colored paper is also available for an additional fee.

This studio has direct access to the female model dressing and makeup room.

Studio A can be rented as one of three individual sets or all together. There is a two hour minimum per set, so renting the entire Studio A for $80/hr is the best value and greatest flexibility if you would like to use multiple sets.

Set 1 – White Cyclorama: Large enough for a car with a roll-up door. Opposite to the cyclorama is a practical set. Props, hair fans, and lights can be moved between sets. $60/hr

Set 2 – Wet/Black: Black sweep wall opposite the marble floor with painted wall. Fully functional claw foot bathtub and shower. Hot tub (not shown) can be functional with a weeks notice. $50/hr

Set 3 – Bed/Outdoor: The bed and painted wall are next to the outdoor set. Astroturf, plants, water tubs, and other props can be used in addition to other props. The bed can be moved to use the wall alone. $50/hr

The entire studio can be rented for $100/hr and includes Studio A, Studio B, and Studio C.

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